About us

Your route to premium products across Scotland & Ireland!

Thunder Road Emporium is a Spirit Brand and Drinks Company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are dedicated to the development and promotion of each and every one of our brands through Brand Ambassador/Consultancy and Importing services.

We help and develop all of our brands within the Scottish market and work very closely with all of our brand owners to guarantee a solid understanding of each and every product, for all of our clients.


Thunder Road Emporium started in late 2015, created by a team of people from within the industry working in Brand Development, Bar Consultancy, Bar Design and Restaurateurs. We noticed an abundance of products lost in portfolios from other brand companies and decided to dedicate our portfolio to concentrating on only a small selection of premium quality products from each type of spirit or tipple. We also found the need for our customers within the On Trade to be able to sample and experiment with the brands for a greater understanding of their capabilities, quality, and synchronicity with each other. We have spent many months and carry on sampling products from the global market and it is not by chance that all of our brands work together in one way or another through flavour profiling. Our aim is to offer a competitive, modern approach to our services with each one of our brands which is a unique platform to them all with our developed business structure and strategies.


Thunder Road Emporium is the only Route to a premium quality product.