Our Brands

Langtons No.1 Gin  (ABV 40%)


Langtons is a celebration of the Lakes District, the softness, elegance, freshness and the warmth. The experience starts with a soft understated aroma of juniper on the nose and a floral fresh lift,  The taste is soft and fresh with a subtle depth on the palate with notes of citrus and a slight sweetness and then a surprisingly smooth finish.

Because of the purity of the water used, Langtons No.1 is exceptionally bright and very clear with real depth and substance. The blend of 11 botanicals including ancient Lake District Oak Bark, The water is sourced from an aquifer slate filted water which is over 1 million years old making the gin very soft. The Amalfi lemon and Italian Juniper leaves you with a gin so smooth and flavoursome it can be enjoyed with tonic, in your favourite cocktail, or on its own with ice.



Wild Knight Premium English Vodka (ABV 40%)           

Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka is distilled using water drawn from the ancient chalk aquifers that run under Eastern England. The vodka is distilled by hand in small batches from the finest Norfolk barley, with only a single distillation making it soft on the palate, with a deep rich flavour like no other. A sipping or mixing vodka full of character and with an ultra-smooth long finish. Liquid silk is our favourite description.

Each bottle is uniquely labelled with the individual batch and bottle number.

                     Dolce Cilento Italian Liqueurs


Based in the Campania Regions in southern Italy near Salerno and with 80 years of experience in producing Limoncello and Lemon Liqueur products Dolce Cilento's range is nothing short of amazing with 6 delicious liqueurs in their range. all can be enjoyed chilled or with ice, or as a popular ingredient in cocktails:



Crema di Pistachio (ABV 17%)

Yes believe it, its real Pistachio! The taste of gloriously smooth, so deliciously creamy, with the distinctive flavour of fresh Pistachio. It is best served chilled as a digestive. It's ideal liqueur for dessert, such as on ice-cream and cakes.



Crema di Nocciole Liqueur (ABV 17%)

Opaque creamy brown colour. Rich aromas and flavors of char-roasted hazelnut and cocoa with a creamy, soft, moderately sweet medium-full body and a smooth, medium-length finish with notes of vanilla custard and hazelnut coffee. A solid nut cream liqueur. The taste of gloriously smooth, so deliciously creamy, with the distinctive flavour of fresh Hazelnut.



Crema di Meloncello (ABV 17%)

Opaque creamy orange colour. Lively aromas and flavors of cantaloupe and sweet cream with a creamy, soft, fruity sweet medium-full body and a silky, interesting medium-long finish. A very tasty cantaloupe liqueur with nice vibrancy and purity to indulge in.


Limoncello (ABV 25%)

Cloudy bright golden yellow emerald colour. Aromas of lemon taffy and lemon soap with a silky, tart, off-dry medium body and a peppery, appealing, medium-length lemon custard, Sherbet, cake and rock candy finish.


Meloncello (ABV 25%)

Bright orange colour. Bright aromas and flavors of cantaloupe and lemon pepper with a silky, bright, moderately sweet medium body and a silky, charming, medium-length finish with nuances of honey cream and minerals. A very tasty melon liqueur with good balance and style.


Watermeloncello (ABV 25%)

Salmon pink colour. Bright aromas and flavors of watermelon gelato, warm milk, and melon jolly rancher with a supple, bright, off-dry medium body and a smooth, captivating, breezy finish with accents of marshmallow, tapioca, and pepper. A nice mild melon liqueur with a creamy backbone.



                           Ol' Major Bacon Bourbon (ABV 35%)

America was founded on taking bold risks. Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon takes two of America’s greatest assets and challenges the boundaries of their potential by fusing them in the world’s first and original bottled bacon bourbon.

Ol’ Major came into form when the uncanny ability to merge Bacon & Bourbon through pressure infusion was discovered, creating an exceptionally different tipple which has a medium sweet taste, soft mouth-feel giving a smooth finish.

The bacon brings complexity and finesse to an already outstanding young bourbon. Both compliment each other like a match made in piggy heaven.

Cheongsam Tea Liqueurs (ABV 18%)

Jade Oolong

Jade green Ti-Kuan Yin Oolong tea leaves are gently extracted to create a rich liqueur that has the essence of honey and orchid flowers.

Smokey Mist

A Unique blend of black teas are gently extracted to create a smooth liqueur that delivers subtle aromas of smoked pine needles and a lingering sweetness of Osmanthus flowers.



            Coming Soon...

                    Motu Rum (ABV 40%)

Motu, which means “Island” in all Polynesian languages is distilled with fermented Polynesian molasses and rested in the finest Limousin French Oak Casks giving it a bold and smoky taste with hints of toasted pineapple, a longer mouth-feel and lasting sweetness.

Motu’s original recipe includes sugar cane from the King of Tonga’s personal Estate in Va’Vau.

                   Rinomato Aperitivo (ABV 14%)

Also from Giancarlo Mancino and his partners, Rinomato is homage and a challenge to the aperitivi traditions of

Piedmont, built on years of research and uses only the finest and freshest botanicals resulting in a bitter but very balanced aperitivo. Rich aromas of orange peel, vanilla, gentian root, cinchona bark, and wormwood. An initial sweetness on the palate carries those aromas into a long and ever intensifying bitter finish that remains in perfect balance with texture and spice.


Chinaco 100% Agave Tequila

100% agave tequila means just that; the tequila inside is pure, distilled entirely from fermented blue agave, with nothing added. In addition, 100% agave tequila must be bottled in Mexico. Most 100% agave tequilas proudly state this fact on their labels, as these types are the very finest. Chinaco Tequilas, the only tequila made in the fertile state of Tamaulipas, are 100% agave and double-distilled to achieve their exceptionally smooth and legendary flavor.

In 1983, Chinaco made another pioneering effort when it became the first premium tequila in the United                                                   States. The status quo for tequila at the time was to use less agave and add sugar, and the emergence of                                                       Chinaco paved the way for the modern premium tequila revolution to take place, with David Wondrich                                                       naming it the  "#1 Most Influential Spirits Brand of the Last 25 Years" in Wine & Spirits Magazine.

                            Braastad Cognac

In the heart of Grande Champagne in the village of Jarnac lies the impressive Chateau de Triac. The chateau is the home of Cognac Tiffon, to which the cognac brand Braastad belongs. Rubbing shoulders with other famous cognac houses such as Bisquit or Courvoisier, the brand Braastad was created when a Norwegian named Sverre Braastad married into the Tiffon family. Known for their devotion to the traditional cognac producing methods, today the whole process is still carried out at the family premises, and Cognac Braastad’s products are renowned worldwide.